Mens BBQ




• 1 tbsp fennel seeds • 5 pimentos • 1 tbsp coriander seeds • 1 tsp black pepper • 2 cloves of garlic • 80 ml vegetable oil • 12 lamb cutlets (approximately 3 cm thick) • 2 medium red beets • 2 red onions • sea salt and pepper for seasoning • 1 tbsp caraway • lemon zest from an undamaged lemon • 2 tbsp red wine vinegar • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 small bundle each of parsley, chives, marjoram and mint • 250 g sour cream • 1 tbsp ground sweet paprika • juice of one lemon

1. Finely crush fennel seeds, pimento, coriander, pepper, and cumin ina mortar. Cut the garlic into pieces andadd it to the herb mixture with the oil andstir. Add the lamb cutlets in the mixture and allow to sit overnight.

2. Peel the red beets and onions andcut into thin pieces with the slicer.Finally, place into a bowl, season with salt and pepperand add the caraway, lemon zest, vinegar andolive oil. Mix everything well and allow to infuse.

3. Wash and finely cut the parsley, chives, marjoram, and mint and mix with the sour cream. Season everything with salt,pepper, ground paprika, and the lemon juice.

4. Remove the lamb cutlets from the marinade, allow to dry,and wrap with the rosemary; reinforce this withkitchen twine at the bones. Place on the hotgrill and grill over indirect but strong heat for approximately 4minutes per side and season with salt.

5. Place the finished lamb cutlets together with the red beet saladand the herbed sour cream and serve. Garnish with fresh, smallred beet slices if desired.




• 2 pieces finger carrots • 1 stalk celery • 2 tbsp vegetable oil • 2 tbsp coffee beans • 1 tsp black pepper • 1 tsp large sea salt • 1 suckling pig (approximately 1.7 kg) • 3 tbsp large mustard seeds • 1 large bundle parsley • 15 cashew kernels • 1 clove of garlic • 100 ml olive oil • 3 tbsp popping corn • 1 tbsp honey

1. Peel the carrots, clean the celery stalk and moisten with 1 tbspoil. Grill and precook, turning constantly,for approximately 4 minutes.

2. Crush coffee beans, pepper, and sea salt coarsely in a mortar.

3. Release the bones of the pig and layon a work board and cutevenly. This should result in a relatively rectangular piece.Spread 2 tbsp mustard over the surface of the meat and season withthe coffee salt. Retain 1 tsp of the seasoned salt. Lay the cooledcarrots and celery lengthwise alongside the meat and roll everything intoa roast and tie with kitchen twine.

4. Pluck the washed parsley and mix with the cashew kernels,peeled garlic, and olive oil. Season with saltand spread the rest of the mustard.

5. Place 1 tbsp oil and the popcorn into a covered pot andallow to pop. Important note: Do not overfillthe pot with popcorn! The bottom of the pot should beonly lightly covered. Season the still-warm popcorn with thehoney and the rest of the coffee salt and stir well.Place the roast on the heated cooking grid, grill and cook, covered, over indirectheat. Turn frequentlyand check the core temperaturewith a meat thermometer. The core temperature of the finished roast should be68°C.

6. Cut the roast, season with salt if desired,and serve with the parsley cream and popcorn.




• 16 medium pearl onions • 3 tablespoons olive oil• Sea salt for seasoning • 150 g brown sugar • 1 clove garlic • 1 star anise • peel of one untreated lemon• 1 tsp fennel seeds • 1 sprig of rosemary• 300 ml red wine (dry)• 150 g butter • 3 long peppers • 1 tsp black pepper • 1 tsp red pepper • 1 tsp juniper berries • 2 tbsp vegetable oil for coating • 4 tomahawk steaks (approximately 3 cm thick) • 4 sticks cinnamon • 2 stalks fresh bay leaves • Freshly-grated horseradish as desired

1. Mix the peeled, stemless pearl onionswith 1 tbsp olive oil and some sea salt andwrap in aluminum foil.

2. Place on preheated grill andcook, covered, over indirect heat for approximately 15 minutes.Meanwhile, caramelize the sugar in a panand add the crushed garlic clove, star anise,lemon peel, fennel seeds, and rosemary. Thendeglaze with red wine and allow to boil over low heatuntil of syrup consistency. Finally, stir in the diced buttera little at a time, until the sauce is glossy and creamy. Seasonwith salt and add the cooked, peeledpearl onions. Stir carefully,cover, and place in a warm location.

3. Crush the long pepper, black pepper, redpepper flakes, and juniper berries coarsely in a mortar.

4. Brush the grill with oil and grill the steaksfor approximately 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Wrap the cooked steaks,together with the coarsely-crushed cinnamon sticks, the freshbay leaves, and the rest of the olive oil in aluminum foiland allow to rest in a warm place for two minutes.Finally, season the steaks with the pepper mixture and somesea salt and serve along with the cinnamon, bay leaves,freshly-grated horseradish, and the still warmred wine onions.




• 3 tbsp brown sugar • 2 shallots • 4 tomatoes • 6 garlic cloves • 100 ml red wine vinegar • 1 cinnamon stick • Peel of one untreated lemon • 3 pimento corns • 2 star anise • 2 bay leaves • 1 tbsp tomato puree • Salt and pepper to taste • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 fennel • 1 onion • 2 tbsp vegetable oil for browning
• 1 tbsp fennel seed • 1 tbsp juniper berries • 1 tbsp coriander corns • 5 pimento corns • 1 bunch parsley • 100 g cranberries • 200 finely chopped smoked green bacon • 1kg large boar mincemeat (from the shoulder or neck) • Boar intestines approximately 3 meters(Flush out intestines thoroughly and soak in warm water for 30 minutes)• 3 medium sweet potatoes • 2 tbsp rapeseed oil

1. Allow sugar to caramelize in a pan and add thefinely-chopped shallots, tomatoes, and garlicand saute. Deglaze with vinegar and addcinnamon, lemon peel, pimento, star anise,and bay leaf. Stir the tomato puree and simmerat low heat for approximately 15 minutes and allow to boil down. Whencool, season with salt and pepper and stir inthe olive oil. Meanwhile, chop the fennel and onion very finelyand brown in a pan lightly coated with oil. Now, add the herbs, crushed in a mortar,and allow mixtureto cook further.

2. Allow to cool, then add the cranberry and bacon pieces to themincemeat mixture along with thefinely chopped parsley. Mix everything well, season with salt and pepper,and fill the prepared intestines usinga sausage-making machine. Twist off equally large sausages from the filled intestinesand tie using kitchen twine.Peel the sweet potatoes, cut into strips, andsprinkle with the rapeseed oil and mix well. Finally, lay on a baking sheet lined with parchment paperand bake in a preheatedoven at 200°C for approximately 15 minutes. Seasonwith sea salt.

3. Grill the sausages and arrange and serve with the herb ketchupand the sweet potato fries.Also great with a grilled bean salad withpomegranate seeds and fresh sage.




1 veal cutlet (approximately 150 g) • 3 sheets Parma ham • 2 sheets semi-mature gouda • 1 small bundle parsley • 1 tbsp red pepper seeds • 1 untreated lime • 3 cherry tomatoes • 1 breast and leg from a spring chicken • 50 g thin chorizo • green paprika • 120 g saddle of lamb (large cubes approximately 2x2 cm) • 120 g Duroc pork loin (large cubes approximately 2x2 cm) • 3 marshmallows • sea salt and pepper for seasoning • 1 tbsp roasted coffee beans • 1 tbsp fennel seeds • 1/2 tsp coriander kernels • juice of one lemon

1. Pound the veal cutlet thin, cover with the ham and cheeseand roll up firmly into a roll.Finely chop the parsley and mix with the lightly pounded redpepper flakes. Coat the roll in the herb-pepper mixtureand cut into 2 centimeter-thick slices andplace on a barbeque skewer.

2. Wash the lime and the cherry tomatoes andcut the lime into thick pieces. Separate the chicken leg atthe joint and place on a barbeque skewer in alternation with the chicken breastand the tomato and lime pieces.Cut the chorizo into thick slices and divide the washedpaprika into large pieces.

3. Place the lamb pieces onto the grill alternately with the paprikaand the chorizo. Lightly oil the hot grill and grill the skewers forfor approximately 2 to 3 minutes on each side. Grill the Duroc pork pieces separatelyand place onto a skewer alternately with the marshmallows,then return to the grillfor a brief amount of time.

4. Season the veal cutlet skewer and the lamb skewer with pepper andsea salt. Season the pork-marshmallow skewer withcrushed coffee beans and sea salt.Finally, season the spring chicken skewer with crushedfennel seeds, coriander kernels, and sea salt.

5. Sprinkle each of the skewers with lemon juice, plate, andserve immediately.