Whether it is for Valentine's Day, an engagement or a wedding anniversary – a special gift from the heart expresses your feelings in a grand manner. Give away something that you can enjoy together, seduces the senses and will last forever as an expression of your deep love! We have the perfect ideas – whether for creatively presented tokens of love or selected gift sets for spontaneous customers who prefer a less complicated approach.

It's time for
feelings to blossom

Flowers are a must for anyone who wants to express their feelings symbolically. Their beauty and gracefulness not only enchant romantic people. The rose, which is the most popular flower world-wide, stands for love and passion. But tulips, gerberas and buttercups are also pretty flowers that stand for affection. Flowers can be given away in many forms, but they last longest as porcelain decor such as in the Anmut Flowers and Mariefleur collections, and are thus a sign of your everlasting love.

Small flowers with a great effect! Arranged in a wine glass, they are a creative alternative to a big bunch of flowers in a vase.

Home-baked treats are a delicious token of love. Served on colourful "Mariefleur" crockery, they inspire a wonderful spring feeling.

Why not write a love letter again? With such a nice card, it will not just be your words that are enchanting.


Crystal Rose Goblet

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Breakfast Cup

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Flower Power

Raise the curtain for the impressive display of flowers: Couple majestically pretty lilies with aromatic lavender, bright carnations and baby's breath for delicate accentuation. Extravagant colours and shapes make Villeroy&Boch vases perfect partners with regard to diversity. They are just as unique as the flowers themselves. There is no prettier way to display affection!

NEK Bottle Vase

deep cherry

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NUMA Square Vase

juicy lime

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arctic breeze


caribbean sea

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pure stone

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NEK Vase

soft raspberry

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Genuss gepaart mit Formschönheit! Wir zeigen Ihnen fantasievolle Servierideen für kleine Köstlichkeiten, bei denen die Liebe garantiert durch den Magen geht.





A moist cherry cake is embedded on the sea of flowers that decorates the "Mariefleur" porcelain plate. The fruity smell of cake together with the hibiscus blossoms, yellow hollyhocks and meadow flowers on the decor evoke memories of spring days spent together. Low-calorie alternative to cake: Scatter heart-shaped petals on the plate.

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 If you find roses alone too conventional, you can use the sparkling "Facett" napkin rings to add an extra portion of glamour to the flowers. Simply put several roses through a ring and place it on the table. A perfect declaration of love: Simple, but extremely sensual and stylish.






Pamper your loved one with an ingenious creation: Heavenly sweet strawberries in an extremely delicate chocolate coating. Presented in the perfectly shaped "Flow" Amuse Bouche bowl, which is a real eye-catcher with its lovely curves. A treat for the senses.

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Bright red and crisp - these are the promising attributes candied apples have to attract someone. They remind us of exciting visits to the funfair as teenagers and thus enchant us with a note of seductive nostalgia. This delicate romance can also be found in the colourful floral pattern on the "Mariefleur" bowl, in which the candied apples are nicely served.

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Sweet greetings

Hearts are also very popular with people in love. You can give them away in creative culinary variants as a symbol of love. Try out our ideas, which guarantee sweet seduction.



Sweet kiss

"Baiser" (meringue) is French for "kiss" and these hearts are just as tasty, sweet and seductive.


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Fruity delight

Anyone who loves strawberrys will get excited at the sight of this cake.



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Mad about ice-cream

Raspberry cheesecake ice-cream: This is pure bliss on a stick and the perfect dessert for a hot rendezvous.


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