On trend table culture for those who love mixing strong colours and bold
patterns to create stunning, bright table settings.

1... Elegant: table fork, knife, dessert spoon and teaspoon from the Blacksmith range.
Retro chic: multi-functional dish in kiwi from the Boston Coloured.
A bold statement: buffet plate with star appeal in Petrol and Pink Rose from the Anmut My Colour range.

4... Colourful temptation: gift box with 40 delectable macaroons, Ladurée Paris.
Exotic paradise: decorated with tropical plant patterns, leaf dish from the Amazonia range.
6... Floral fancy: teapot, side plate from the Anmut Flowers collection.

7... A touch of fizz: champagne glass from the Allegorie Premium range.
Retro chic: multi-functional dish in kiwi from the Colour Concept range. Inspiring: exotically patterned mocha/ espresso cup from Amazonia.

Sparkling splendour: When it comes to joie de vivre, colour is a must. Let’s drink to that – with the colourful champagne flutes from the Boston Coloured range and a sparkling, rhinestone adorned dress by Mary Katrantzou, at www.marykatrantzou.com, Red statement necklace, at www.net-aporter.com

Wildstyle: Exotic floral dreams such as orchids provide a sensuous note to the holiday spirit and are an extravagant alternative to pine twigs and such. Perfect symbiosis: the "Amazonia", "Anmut Flowers" and "Anmut my Colour" collections along with bright eye-catchers arranged on the NewWave cake stand.

Exotic opulence: It’s not just the table that dazzles. Hippy-style dress by Dolce & Gabbana, at www.dolcegabbana.com. Floral necklace by Tory Burch, at www.oscardelarenta.com.http://www.nya.com

Brighten things up and succumb to the lively colours and patterns. The grey of winter does not stand a chance and your world will glow!http://www.oscardelarenta.com

Table pyrotechnics! Anmut My Colour plate range, available in seven colours, and mocha cup. Champagne flute from the Allegorie Premium range. New Cottage and Octavie Exotic plate glamour from the Amazonia collection. Luxurious tablecloth/ fabric, Cinema by Nya Nordiska, at www.nya.com


Anmut Flowers
Teapot 33 3/4 oz

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dinnerware pieces

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40-Piece Flatware Set

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Color Claret Glass, Blue 11 oz

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Colored Champagne Flute : Red

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Anmut Flowers
Appetizer/Dessert Plate 6 1/4

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Numa Square Vase,
Juicy Lime 7 3/4

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Colour Concept Bowl,
Kiwi 4 3/4

Colour Concept Tumbler,
Burgundy 4 1/4

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