Your style world: Pure patterns, clear forms
and fine materials combine into a timeless, beautiful aesthetic.

1... Delicate lace: elegantly decorated dinner plate from the White Lace collection.
Sparkling splendour: diamond-effect candleholder from the Facett range, available in three sizes. Crystal clear: stylish Burgundy glass (set of two) from the Nobilis range. 

3... Perfect angle: square plate from the Cera Black range.
Dished up: three-tier serving stand in white with elegant lines from the NewWave Premium collection.
Curve appeal: stylishly rounded dessert bowl from the Cera Black range.

6... Lively: Coffee cup and saucer (two pieces) from the NewWave range.
Served with a twist: coffee spoon from the NewWave-Caffé- Spoon range.

Eye-catcher: White Lace tableware, Facett and Little Lights candleholders. Dress with graphic pattern by Antonio Beradi, Pearl earrings and ring with crystals, both from Lanvin

Perfectly combinable – not just a table service.
The "La Classica Contura" and "La Classica Nuova" collections, "Nobilis" wine goblets, "Facett" and "Little Lights" candle holders and "Nek" vase.

An enchanting performance from high-powered actors: "NewWave", "Little Lights", "Facett", "Cera" and "La Classica Contura".


Nek Bottle Vase
Artic Breeze 12 1/2

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Cera Black
Square Glass Plate 8 1/4

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Cera Black
Antipasti Glass Plate 8 1/4

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My Garden
Candlestick 8

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White Lace
Salad Plate 8 1/2

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Nobilis Bordeaux Goblets
Set of 2 9 3/4


Teapot 33 3/4 oz

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Table art: sophisticated crockery arrangements - almost too beautiful for a gift. "La Classica Contura" design combined with the beautiful forms of "New Wave" plates and extravagant "Facett" candle holders.

Sweet talk: Good conversation put a smile on anyone’s face. A cup of tea is the perfect accompaniment to a cheerful chat: White Lace tea cup with saucer, two-piece set.

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