Welcome to summer!



We like to celebrate our favorite time of year with parties that begin in the afternoon and last long into the warm summer night. Must have’s: Light snacks, sophisticated grill creations, fabulous desserts, sparkling drinks and the prettiest gift ideas. 


Out of the house and on to the balcony, into the garden or off to the park. The important thing is that the air is fragrant, the sky is blue

and the sun is full. The motto this summer: celebrating with friends in a simple and uncomplicated way. And celebrating together also means:

Everyone brings something to the party. Small gifts sweeten that summer feeling (and friendships). With old favorites, new treasures and

colorful hostess gifts, you can create a joyous, unique mix of styles out in nature.




What is the absolute plus point of summer beside the warm temperatures? Cooking turns into just grilling - uncomplicated, varied and really, really tasty! You don’t need to be a professional to make our recipes. But your friends will think you are. Have fun trying them out!



1 Say it crispy

4 Love letter for the game with fire





An amusing trio


Lamb cutlets, red beet salad and herbed sour cream –

this creation unites three delicacies. The steak plate L

in the BBQ Passion collection separates the three areas

perfectly. This is what it looks like when food and

dish unite for a common cause.



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Fish ahoy!


Especially easy: Sea bream on the grill. As a hearty

companion, we like potato salad with South Tyrolean

bacon, white beans, tomatoes and rocket. With the stylish

4-piece Artesano dip bowl set, there’s room on the table

for all of our favorite seasonings - and it goes with the

oval baguette bowl that’s simply used as a serving bowl here. 



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Sweet or spicy? Both!


The next medium-rare steak is in a

honey-chili-cognac marinade. Simply

delicious! And with our Texas steak knife,

tender slices can be easily cut from the big

piece. The robust handles create a suitable

rustic look.


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Everything is possible!


Just let it marinade! In our all-rounder Cooking

Elements collection. Cooking, frying, baking, serving,

keeping warm, chilling, freezing or marinading - we’ve

got you covered. Our tip: Chicken fillets in a super-easy

marinade of lemon juice, 5 tablespoons of olive oil, fresh

chopped rosemary and 1 teaspoon of paprika powder

marinaded for one hour. Grill first and then salt to taste.


Barbecue Vegetable Plate


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Potato Bowl


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XL Kebab Platter

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2 Make it colorful

The prettiest accessories for small gatherings and big parties

1. The new romantic for coffee time: Coffee cup and saucer 2 piece Petite Fleur 2. Discover French country house charm: Buffet plate French Garden Fleurence 3. Luminescent: Colour Concept amber bowl 4. Purist form meets classic color: Colour Concept burgundy tumbler 5. Romantic accent in delicate rose: Boston Coloured rose tumbler 6. Swinging bed: Osmosis hammock, Fermob through www.conneox.com 7. Keep good memories the nicest way: The Snap instamatic camera from Polaroid saves pictures digitally as well

3 Snack-tastically good

Cool, light, enlivening The most delicious snacks for a summer party


Classic with twist


Create that certain something with dried

apricots and roasted almonds: Piementos

al horno. Served Mediterranean style on the

Artesano Provencal Verdure centerpiece bowl.



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Crispy and colorful mixture


This green asparagus and mango salad with

red onion and grilled chicken breast is our

all-time summer favorite. The Artesano Original

collection creates clarity and calmness for any

color with its purist design and unique craftsmanship.


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Danger of addition


The perfect mixture of crusty and creamy:

Crostini with goat cheese cream and fresh herbs

(from the garden?!). These tasty morsels look

grand on the extra-large buffet plate

from Colour Concept. 


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Buffet Plate lagoon

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Centerpiece Bowl

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Acacia Chopping Board

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Pizza/Buffet Plate

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4 Cool off and chill down

Hot temperatures call for cold measures. Our sorbets and ice cream

creations create fruity ways to cool off and tasty surprises at a grill

party. For desserts with a certain twist.







This vegan peach sorbet with orange

slices and lemon thyme is a bright summer

yellow refreshment and a true taste bomb.

Especially cool-looking served in the high

Boston champagne glasses.



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Very berry and more berry


Liven up and feel pampered at the same time

with this creamy vanilla ice cream on blueberry

mousse with lemon thyme. And since we just

can’t get enough, we use the large Bernadotte water

glass to serve this dessert. For very big appetites

and very berry pleasure!



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Bottoms up!


The apricot mousse with vanilla ice cream

served in the Fine Flavour American Bar shot

cups offer ice cold pleasure with plenty of vitamins!



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5 Summer gifts

Much too pretty to wrap: Flowering fantasy for bring along

1. Sky blue and without a cloud: Nek Mini mellow blue vase 200 mm 2. Fresh breeze: Nek Caribbean Sea glass vase 320 mm 3. Cozy light for inside and out: Votive candles Little Gallery Candles Blue Blossom 4. For a good mood in the morning that lasts the whole day: Little Gallery Mugs Pink Blossom 5. Perfect platform for homemade fruit tarts: Footed plate with glass cover Retro Accessories 6. Romantic for a summer party: Little Gallery Hurricane Lamp Imperio Rose 7. Even without flowers, this small vase of hand-blown glass creates a fresh accent: Numa Mini lovely rose vase


Check out the blog by Dutch interiors and architecture enthusiast Astrid for even more decoration ideas and inspiration for your next summer party on Gravity.

More gift ideas

That’s how to give happiness


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