Pasta, Pizza, Passione!

At one of the oldest organic farmsteads in Italy

The fattoria, La Vialla, in Castiglion Fibocchi, a town in the middle of Tuscany, is one of the first farms in Italy to receive the organic farming certification. And it still maintains its uncompromising quality today. Its friendly, family-like atmosphere can be equally felt wherever you go. It's the perfect place to have Villeroy & Boch’s new pizza and pasta products tested out by these professionals of Italian cooking.


Photos: Bernd Opitz Text: Valerie Soschynski


We’re in the middle of Tuscany. In Castiglion Fibocchi, to be exact, approximately one hour away from Florence by car. The fattoria is huge - 1,342 hectares of vineyard, olive grove, vegetable and fruit gardens, pastures with 1,300 Sardinian sheep, cornfields and about 30 country houses. We’re walking along a cypress-lined avenue leading from the center, where the laboratory is and where the various tomato sauces, bread and biscuits are made. A long table is set up under an ancient fig tree where the “viallinis” (the employees of the La Vialla) have been regularly gathering to share dinner with guests for over 20 years. La Vialla is not only an organic farm that mails its products exclusively per post to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is also a popular vacation destination. This year, the 20 guest accommodations are already completely booked out. We’re immediately welcomed by the three Lo Franco brothers, Gianni, Antonio and Bandino, with a festive lunch menu by the chef, which is normal for here. Some of the highlights lovingly placed on the rustic, traditionally set table include olives preserved in chili and orange (an old family recipe), Pecorino cheese with sweet pepper jam, a pesto of green asparagus with freshly baked bread and pasta with Bombolino sauce (a fruity sauce of cherry tomatoes.



Pasta is holy at La Vialla. We share the secret of perfect pasta dough and tell you why pasta is much more healthy than its reputation. Of course,we want the Italian cuisine professionalshere to also test our Pasta Passion plates with the unique dip for turning pasta and the built-in utensil-rest.


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In keeping with Tuscan tradition, pizza at La Vialla is best prepared, baked and eaten together. And no one bakes it with more passion than the pizza professional Francesco.Here are his tips and tricks.


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The wine and olive at La Vialla is a special source of pride. The knowledge of previous generations, an extreme amount of research and even more passion goes into
production. Learn about how you can tell and why these products are more healthy than we already knew here:


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The family gathers together for dinner for the birthday of each Lo Franco member at the latest.
“If you can’t eat together, then it’s better not to eat at all,” says Bandino Lo Franco. That’s a statement!
We had the good fortune to join they for a meal.


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Visit the fattoria for an aperitivo
and relaxed dinner, or
stay a few days in one
of the vacation houses for an
extra-serving of Tuscany feeling.


Via di Meliciano 26,
52029 Castiglion Fibocchi,
Tuscana, Italy





The first large city nearest to Castiglion Fibocchi is Arezzo.
The town is definitely worth a visit with its historic
patrician houses, church and palaces in the center along with
totally modern bars and restaurants and the magnificent shopping street,
Corso Italia. By the way:This is where the film
“Life is Beautiful" was made, and the bridge that leads
to the city is the same one Da Vinci painted
in the background of the Mona Lisa.




Le Chiavi D’Oro

Cool yet still comfortable atmosphere
and contemporary Italian cuisine: The restaurant
Le Chiavi D'Oro, located in the middle of the town,
is managed by three sisters. Reservations are a must!


Piazza San Francesco 7
52043 Arezzo





Proud tradition: The family-operated weaving company has been using
exclusively natural fibers of the best quality since 1848. It
still produces classic Renaissance patterns woven on old looms. The
historic factory is still in Anghiari. But there is a
shop in Arezzo where napkins, hand towels, bed linens and
curtains made of the finest fabric can be had.


Corso Italia 48
52100 Arezzo