Seductive tips and recipes for the perfect candle-light dinner.
For the culinary Casanova and his ravishing sweetheart


It´s show time: He greets his sweetheart with popping corks, crackling candle light and oysters au gratin.

The main course: A feast for the senses, which can be perfectly prepared before being served in perfect form for its big début.

Dessert: Always worth the indulgence: Crème brulée, fresh from the oven. Nobody with a sweet tooth can resist it.

The old adage that the way to the heart is through the stomach applies not just to men. After all, how many ladies can resist a hot guy creating culinary wizardry in the kitchen? So, guys can never go far wrong by expanding their repertoire of romancing techniques to include the perfect candle lit dinner. But in order to ensure the ‘after’ is a complete success, the ‘before’ is even more important: while the invited guest spends hours in front of the mirror getting ready, the hero of the kitchen should take time to prepare the dinner and evening in peace. Professional kitchen utensils are essential in order to ensure that the gentleman can dedicate the date to flirting with his lady.

Tip: Stay cool! With Cooking Elements, dishes go from oven to plate quickly and easily – with a straightforward, masculine no-fuss attitude. Gone are the days when the host got tangled up in a sauce-stained apron, muddled through a chaos of starter, main course and dessert and ended up serving the lobster in the crème brûlée.

When selecting dishes, the kitchen Casanova can show off his good taste whilst proving that he can do a little more than just open a tin of ravioli. The pampering includes aphrodisiac seafood and naughty desserts that are guaranteed to elicit a reflexive purr from anyone with a sweet tooth. Once the sweet bowls are empty, the tie can be loosened. Who knows which other items of clothing may follow?

And if there are any leftovers, simply pop a practical Cooking Elements silicone lid on the serving dishes, stick them in the fridge and invite your lady to join you on the sofa. The evening can therefore be called a success if she doesn’t leave early professing a headache. And if, after dessert, the queen of his heart is still sitting in front of him with a smile on her face, he has definitely done everything right. As well as giving himself a good pat on the shoulder, he has a particularly exciting digest if to look forward to. After all, her beautiful lips and sensitive touch are now focussed on something other than purely culinary ecstasies. The kitchen Casanova may now kiss his girl!

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