The “OM” wines of the Oliver Moragues family
are well-known to wine lovers throughout
Europe. We interview the young winemakers
at a tasting.

“We have always
preferred to increase
quality, not quantity”

Carlos Cabeza Oliver

“For us, “ecological” means above all working preventatively. This means more preparation work, but working this way lets you prevent diseases with natural strategies. Vines are like babies: if you protect them too much, they won't develop a strong immune system and will lack a unique character.”

Gabriel adds: "It's also a greater risk, because of course you sometimes have a poor harvest. But for us it's not about getting rich. For us, wine is a way of life. We want to stay small. We don't think: More bottles mean more happiness! We want to create wines that remain in the memory. This is why we experiment a lot, store everything away like a library, and often discuss the direction in which we want to develop individual wines. For example, how can we affect the grapes and their character by trimming or other cultivation methods.”

Every Monday, Rocío, Carlos and Gabriel hold a small private wine tasting right next to their vines. Fresh tapas and “Coca de Trampo”, a fantastic Majorcan pizza with summer vegetables, are the perfect accompaniment. Carlos is a latecomer to the profession. The former marketing expert first decided to seek his fortune far from the island before beginning his new life as a winemaker at Binicomprat. The limited production “OM” wines (no more than 40,000 bottles are produced each year) are amongst the finest on the island. Carlos and Gabriel draw on 500 years of proven traditions and culture when cultivating their vines.

Today, all “OM” wines are certified by the CBPAE-UE organic association. “For us, “eco” is not a marketing tool, but a philosophy,” explains trained oenologist Carlos. To compensate for the estate's rather small acreage, grapes are bought from vineyards belonging to other members of the family, which ensures consistent quality. The “OM” label has long enjoyed a following among connoisseurs. The wines are exported to all five continents, and 70 percent of customers come from abroad. Majorcan wine is particularly popular in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany.


We've gathered some relaxed, light bites that
simply taste delicious (with or without good wine).

Classic empanada! Heartily
filled and fresh flavored. The
taste of summer in every bite.

Here's the recipe

Hot or cold? The Coca de
Trampo tastes great either fresh
 from the oven or served cold.

Here's the recipe

Tapenade! Discover the delicious
 paste made from nuts,
parmesan, tomatoes and basil.

(recipe coming soon)

Purismo and the wines
from the “OM” estate

Villeroy & Boch Purismo provides the perfect glass for each wine.
We'll show you which glasses go best with the unique “OM” wines,
letting you fully savor their different bouquets and flavors.

Oenologist Carlos studied in Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin, and together with his uncle Gabriel has chosen to rely on purely ecological cultivation methods. This means placing the grapes, their health and their complex potential with different growing strategies at the forefront of their work. “Happiness is when the grapes are ripe and perfectly healthy in September or October and we try them for the last time on harvest day. Knowing we've accomplished it!” Gabriel adds: "90% of our work is done in the field; we want real wines, not artificially enhanced ones. The Shiraz we grow close to the forest without loosening the soil tastes different to the one grown further away in soil we aerate with the tractor. We want our customers to notice this difference!”

Happiness is
knowing we've
accomplished it!

OM Oliver Moragues’13

The perfect occasion for this elegant and fruity blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and the Majorcan homegrown Manto Negro and Callet is...actually, always! Savor notes of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with perfectly integrated tannins.

The perfect glass for a flatterer like the »OM« 2013: the wide round goblet “Purismo red wine, tannin-rich & imperious”


The flagship of these exceptional winemakers: intense cherry to garnet-red. Incredibly long-lasting, elegant and harmonious with notes of figs, pepper, chocolate along with perfectly integrated tannins. Aged for 12 months in new French oak, this masculine flatterer can be stored for another eight years and the 1,200 bottles are more than sought after!

The perfect glass for this Granate of Merlot, Manto-Negro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Callet: -“Purismo red wine, rich-bodied and velvety“


The chief buyers and wine lovers who have tried this “private wine”' are raving — ripe strawberries and cherries for the nose and an outrageously beautiful blend of freshness and creaminess for the palate. Production remains limited and you really need to visit the winery to experience for yourself what these two winemakers can conjur from their homegrown Manto-Negro grapes. But the journey is so worth it!

The perfect glass for a rosé like the “Possessió D’OM 2014”: the wide “Purismo white wine, soft and round”

OM Blanc`14

With a limited production of 3,000 bottles, this straw-colored white wine marries the Majorcan Prensal Blanc vines with Spanish Viognier and French Sauvignon Blanc. The result is a fresh, very dense wine with aromas of apricots and mint and a long-lasting aftertaste.

The perfect glass for this masculine white: “Purismo white wine, fresh & sparkling” A matter of taste.

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