Blue hours

In the cool of the morning, the shade of the trees is the perfect spot for an intimate breakfast.

“I love to buy ceramics, porcelain and old kitchen utensils. After all, here on the finca I don't need expensive shoes! And these things never go out of fashion; they will still be here for my grandchildren and their children.”

Joana Oliver Moragues

The smells of summer! The “Farmhouse Touch” sauciere/milk jug also serves as a charming vase and an eye-catching accent for the breakfast table. Now in the SUMMER SALE for EUR 25.70 instead of EUR 47.90


Alongside freshly squeezed orange juice, café con leche and croissants, traditional “ensaimadas” also take their place on the Spanish breakfast table. Joana likes to garnish the wafer-thin, lard-coated, leavened dough specialty with apricots.

The first rays of sunshine glisten among the treetops, small frogs hop cheekily over the gravel path and sparrows swoop, twittering, between the garden chairs, hoping to find crumbs of sweet pastry or bread. The lively Joana, her down-to-earth, laid-back son Gabriel and his wife Loreto often meet in the garden of Binicomprat for breakfast. Here on their finca (estate) they have created a unique and idyllic retreat where family and friends can live, laugh and eat together. The historic building, one of the oldest on the island, was modernized in 1996 by Joana and, with a lot of love and passion, transformed into a model agrotourism farm. Without question, this place is all about traditional roots and personal dreams.

Come to breakfast!

Membrillo (quince jam) with café con leche and fresh
 ensaimadas makes a perfect breakfast on the balcony
or in the garden! Give it a try!

Quince, cinnamon and apples determine the taste of homemade membrillo; their cooling flavors bring a wonderful, fresh start to the day.

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Not every coffee is a café con leche. We'll teach you the subtle differences here.

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Some yeast, fresh apricots and icing sugar can easily sweeten up the morning.

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My lovingly prepared BREAKFAST consists of freshly baked ENSAIMADAS, homemade QUINCE JAM, good CONVERSATION and plenty of TIME.



Wake up to...

Feel alive by the Thames.

Wake up to the bohemian!

Breakfast with the charm of the orient!