Glamor traded for happiness

When Nadeshda Brennicke isn’t filming somewhere, she loves the seclusion of her horse farm in Brandenburg. Here, she reveals to us how she creates her paradise and manages to let her guests feel as much at home as she feels herself. 


Photos: Bernd Opitz. Styling: Wolfram Neugebauer. Text: Julia Stelzner. 

In the cult film “Manta – Der Film”, Nadeshda Brennicke played the role of Tina 25 years ago. The German actress is also known for films like “Antibodies” (2005) and “Banklady” (2013), which brought her international acclaim, and the German detective series “Tatort”. If you visit her in Brandenburg, you will realize that there is a lot of work behind her huge farmstead and stud farm. We were already there in winter when we spent a tranquil New Year's Eve among her closest friends in the barn which she had converted into a dinner site for the occasion. But now it’s summer and you can see how huge the estate really is with its expansive garden, paddock and pasture And how much work it really is. “I needed almost ten years to make the farm what it is now. Whatever we could do ourselves, we did with a lot of diligence and patience. The results are so much more satisfying when you’ve done it with your own hands,” says the native of Freiburg im Breisgau. Here, Nadeshda feels at one with herself and nature. And also enjoys being a hostess. We spent a day with the actress at her farm and enjoyed the country life together.

The perfect start to a day

Nadeshda is up and out in the barn by 8 a.m. at the latest, preparing for her morning ride which is always accompanied by her Great Dane. She only ranks her son above her horses when it comes to happiness. She has even started a small stud farm for Arabian horses, and once in a while the neighbor girls come over to ride. The 800 square kilometers of Oderbruch, near the Polish border, also provides top conditions for the passionate rider with its many water streams, meadows and fields.

Breakfast pleasure

After her ride, Nadeshda loves to have a generous breakfast – as often as possible with her 18 year old son, Nikita. The two are a well-versed team. Proverbs which the actress particularly likes are written on the wall of her house: “While others have tattoos on their skin, I have them on my house.”

1. Flower power: Anmut Flowers teapot and teacup and saucer 2. Freshly pressed orange juice can’t be served with any more style: Bernadotte water glass 3. A little friend: Eames House Bird by Vitra

Time to grill!

Nadeshda Brennicke loves having guests. The more the merrier. “Eating with friends is like a fueling station for the soul,” says the actress. 

Catering to many friends outdoors? No problem when it's grilled. The actress loves variety when it comes to eating and lets instinct be her guide. There’s always something for everyone at a large dinner. Delicious!


It's the mix that makes it

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Nadeshda’s world:
Styling tips for your home

Naturally beautiful decorations and gift ideas


I like things simple and pure, good quality. Things that are made with care and sustainability, that have an earthy charisma,” says Nadeshda Brennicke. You can discover the things she likes to have in her home the most and the styling tips from the passionate porcelain collector here.



1. Sustainably timeless: Aion lamp of wood by lumi 2. We like having it on the table: Artesano Original ceramic carafe for olive oil 3. Homage to the roots of Villeroy & Boch: Audun Ferme covered serving dish 4. Futuristic and functional: SigNature Blossom No. 3 vase 5. Cool mix of materials: Marco Hocker made of cork, birch wood and turquoise powder-coated steel 6. Woven art: Natural/White basket by Bloomingville

Discover Brandenburg!

6 travel tips definitely worth the excursion

Not far at all and yet it still feels like a short vacation: A trip to Brandenburg provides relaxation, culture and fun. Here are the best spots that shouldn’t be missed.

Nothing combines advantages for swimming as ideally as Waldbad Nymphensee in Brieselang bei Falkensee for tourists from Berlin. Boredom is nonexistent here. There’s canoe and surfboard rentals, stand up paddling, beach volleyball, ping-pong and beach chairs for just relaxing. 

Cinema at the castle? Absolutely! We like to watch movies in the outdoor cinema at Schloss Plaue surrounded by a breathtaking set.

Total relaxation in a modern ambiance. Fontane Therme in the Mark Brandenburg resort offers relaxation at the highest level.

Inspired by Nadeshda Brennicke’s passion for riding? Anyone can ride at the Reiterhof Helenenau – in groups or only with the (rented) horse. 

Tradition in a new mix: Early music meets jazz. The grounds around the Schloss Sanssouci are an attraction in themselves. In 2016 they will be the venue for the annual festival Jazz Night for the first time: Early music specialists from France meet prominent jazz greats. The Historic Mill of Sanssouci will turn into the Moulin Rouge!

Although no longer quite in Brandenburg, we couldn’t keep this tip in Neustrelitz for ourselves anymore. Wenzel Pankratz is only 26 years old. But he has already worked as a chef with the two-star chef, Michael Kempf at the Berlin "Facil" as well with Andreas Caminada (three stars). Now he’s opening his own restaurant "Forsthaus Neustrelitz". Everything here is local, mostly from his own garden or field. He even makes his own butter! Definitely worth the visit! A small preview: “Venison, black root, buttermilk, Williams pear, lavender, walnut.” Wow!

Nadeshda Brennicke’s private outdoor cinema

When the sun slowly sinks behind the pasture, the cozily sitting around is not nearly over. On the contrary, everyone grabs a glass of wine and finds a thick wool blanket to sit on in front of the outdoor screen. Welcome to the world's smallest outdoor cinema! Now playing: “Banklady”. But that’s an exception. Usually it’s film classics and new independent films that are shown when artist friends in the area come by for a movie evening. Nadeshda often invites friends to stay the night. The actress loves it when the house is full. And there’s always plenty of space.

1. Perfect for a film evening: Artesano Original anti-pasta dish 2. Where the day begins with horses, it also ends with: Petit Hipperia cabernet sauvignon, available at Vinos 3. Aroma professional: Purismo red wine goblet for tannin-rich and imperious wines 4. Cuddly graphic: Maya Kissen, by ferm Living

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