Be My Rose,
Be My Valentine!

There are always reasons to give someone you love a special gift – but a Valentine’s Day
treat is something to make anyone happy! Even your best friend!


Valentine’s Day (in our ideal fantasy) starts with a romantic breakfast. Flowers can make us happy even when they’re a “Wildrose” pattern! Arrange them on the Mashomack Table by Julia von Werz, a single, solid piece of elm, along with trendy Flow chairs from MDF Italia and the pattern stands out like a fresh spring day. Decoration tip: Arrange some decorative balls of moss to create a closer feeling of nature.

Pop Art on a table: Discover the versatility of Wildrose every day. Put this classic in subdued surroundings and see how it blooms. So fresh and spring-like, it adds just the right amount of sweetness to an afternoon cup of coffee and cookies.

Live more beautifully with Wildrose: Our living spaces are so pure and minimalist today that we desperately need Wildrose as a counterpoint. It adds dynamic contrast to modern surroundings and goes from international design icon to unusual eye-catcher.

Gifts from the heart

For the festival of love





Flowers Vase/Hurricane

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Tea Cup & Saucer Set

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Water Tumbler : Dots Rose

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Salad Plate

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Roses at night

Wildrose brings light to the darkness with its tender rose color, the rich green and its playful 60’s style.


Who should we love unconditionally above all? Ourselves, of course! A glass of wine, some flavorful cheese and rustic bread arranged with love (and yet quickly) on Wildrose demonstrates appreciation – for ourselves, from ourselves.

Black magic: This mysteriously set evening dinner table is like a trip back through time to the still life of a Baroque painter. Leather and black shiny vinyl records arranged together with violet fruits from nature give Wildrose a star appearance.

Dance like yesterday: Your old records (or from a vintage music store) are waiting to be rediscovered. Chose the right musical surprise as a placemat for each guest. After dinner, put the record on the turntable and douse yourself with memories.


For a romantic ending




Red wine goblet

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40-Piece Flatware Set

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Square Vase, Pure Stone

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Christian Kleemann knows Wildrose from his childhood. Which is why it was easy to attract him as a director to stage this style icon in a big way. Here, he shows how it can shine in various genres. Kleeman studied fashion design and art history in Maastricht. Since completing his studies, he has worked in Paris and Berlin as a stylist for well-known fashion and lifestyle productions put on by the likes of Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander and Wallpaper*. Curtains up for a versatile beauty!


Born into turbulent times: Hippie culture, moon landing, Easy Rider, the collapse of the Beatles. It has been around for four decades, speaks the international language of luxury fluently and is at home between New York and Tokyo - but still looks just as youthful as it did in 1969 when it became a style. Wildrose is Villeroy & Boch’s most successful pattern and adds its individual Sixties-charm to every table, even today.


Why still give this classic as a present? Real wild roses in a small pot provide a very special accent – and offer even more pleasure (it blooms from late spring through high summer). The fragrance is delicate and yet strong. Called the “Queen of flowers” since ancient times, there are 150 different varieties of wild rose. Time to give it greater priority in our lives.

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